a corner for august

‘a corner for august’ is an intimate look into how we deal with new beginnings in a digital age. This short film was directed by Janjay Knowlden, written by Sofia Fey and Luke Worland, and stars Ryan Luzzo.

This film was screened at the NAFF Film Festival and Illinifest!

DP Nic Morse was nominated for best cinematography at Illinifest.


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TABLOIDS revolves around a high school newspaper class consisting of NATHAN TOMLINSON (Derek Schneider), an awkward and misunderstood kid who can't wait to grow up so that he can leave high school, SHANNON BALLARD (Jenna Conway), a super positive and gung-ho hippy hipster feminist who wants to change the world, CHELSEA MARTIN (Erin Kaufman), a cynical and unambitious staff writer who doesn't know how to express herself, ROBBY BOBBY (Peter Cowley), the sports editor and self proclaimed class clown, and GREG LEVITICUS (Justin Klett), the overbearing and controlling editor in chief. Together, they are forced to navigate the endless abyss of darkness known as high school, which is riddled with awkwardness, insanity, heartbreak, bad puns, and life long friendships. Follow along on Facebook for more up to date news!